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V.I.P. is a resource for patients in need of information regarding all types of vascular conditions. Our highly trained and qualified staff is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of vascular disease. We consider all options for the most up-to-date treatment types available, including surgical, nonsurgical, or

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logogThis symbol designates surgeons who are members of the Society for Vascular Surgery.  Surgeons who display this symbol are dedicated to the highest standards of patient care and continuing development of professional skills and competence. You can feel confident when you are a patient of The Vascular & Interventional Pavilion.

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2 Nov,13
In normal circulation, blood rich in oxygen travels from the heart to other parts of the body through the arteries. It is returned to the heart
2 Aug,13
Venous ulcers are caused by severe or long term swelling from poor blood flow in the veins. This causes weakening in the tissue of your